Customize Home Page Design

We designed customized home page design for every school and app named in school name & Parents can download from playstore.


Stoppage Alert
Over speed Notification
Live Bus Track
Past History
Distance Reading

Image Gallery

School can share the daily activity pictures through this app and parents can Share it to friends via email, Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter.


As a school, you will have enomous information to pass to the parents and sometimes it becomes mandatory that prior information is passed on. In such cases, our circular menu helps you keep updated on the latest messages to the parents and we also provide a lookback onthe one send already for further reference.


Communicate is the backbond of any organisation. Timely communication helps you be connected with the parents. Go assle free with our communication menu which helps you update any information easily and in a jiffy.


School can sent unlimited notofication to parents,